Package org.easymock

Interface Summary
IAnswer<T> Used to answer expected calls.
IArgumentMatcher Decides whether an actual argument is accepted.
IExpectationSetters<T> Allows setting expectations for an associated expected invocation.
IMockBuilder<T> Helps the creation of partial mocks with EasyMock.
IMocksControl Controls all the mock objects created by it.

Class Summary
Capture<T> Will contain what was captured by the capture() matcher.
ConstructorArgs Class wrapping arguments to create a partial class mock that gets instantiated by calling one of its constructors
EasyMock Main EasyMock class.
EasyMockSupport Helper class to be used to keep tracks of mocks easily.

Enum Summary
CaptureType Defines how arguments will be captured by a Capture object
LogicalOperator See EasyMock.cmp(T, java.util.Comparator, org.easymock.LogicalOperator)

Copyright © 2001-2010 OFFIS, Tammo Freese, Henri Tremblay. This documentation is provided under the terms of the Apache 2 licence.